eShop Online Store

Manage your business online with eShop Online Store solution including 3D models of your products.

Selling your products has never been easier.

  • Ergonomic web application at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Customizable.
  • Create filters and product groups to facilitate product search.
  • Automatic sale orders creation.
  • Billing and shipping dashboards.
  • Perfectly integrated with Notixia ERP-PLM.
  • Integrated 3D viewer allowing your customers to visually select the products they want to order.
  • See all your products in 3D directly from your CAD softwares.

Quickly build your e-commerce site.
Few configurations required.

eShop 3D Online Store

This is the perfect application to help your after-sales service activities:
  • B2B online store with 3D viewer allowing direct access to the assemblies of your products (including revisions and configurations).
  • Allow customers to create their orders by selecting the required parts.
  • Ease new orders creation by automating customer purchasing processes.
  • Products may be filtered by customers and categories.

Your customers will be able to easily select what they want with our web integrated 3D viewer.