Over The Years…

A constant evolution in industrial management and a sector expertise extending to the medical industry.

A path that closely follows our customers’ requirements.

Created in 2003, Notixia develops and provides information technology management systems aimed at manufacturing companies of all sizes. Notixia’s modular software suite PLM/MPM/ERP is focused on specialized Small-to-Medium industries, such as the Made-To-Order (MTO) and Engineering-To-Order (ETO) « job shops », to support the teams in the optimal management of their factory operations.

The modules in the Notixia solution meet the specific needs of industrial companies that have to streamline their production processes through a tight control of their technical data.


Notixia launches a real-time dynamic scheduler to complete its ERP-PLM suite. This new technology enables the resolution of the production lines graphs and the optimization of means of production’s usage in the manufacturing industries.


In answer to a growing demand from their customers, Notixia develops mobile applications for the factory data management.

2012 is a turning point for Notixia, with the launch of new specialized applications for the medical sector. The management of the medical personnel becomes a growth factor.


Notixia becomes Witlaken. New commercial activities are added: dental, medical and industrial. New headquarters are bought.