Mobile Solutions for Factories

Our expertise in the digital management of the factory allows you to control your production at all times and improve your productivity.

Increase the productivity of your factories. Reduce costs and errors.

Are you sure that the right versions of plans and documents are moving through your factory? Have you ever assessed how much these necessary papers cost your production?

Witlaken has developed an expertise in the digital management of the factory. We have a large range of mobile applications that cover the majority of industrial tasks. You can thus greatly reduce your paper consumption and no longer have outdated documents that can cause production delay as well as significant costs and quality gaps.

Witlaken’s mobile solutions can be adapted to your existing production management system or sold fully integrated with Notixia ERP-PLM solution.

Our mobile solutions enable to:
  • Manage incoming and outgoing entries of the inventory items
  • Perform stocktaking
  • Assign the consumables to work orders
  • Record the time used by personnel and work stations
  • Record the produced and rejected quantities
  • Inform operators and provide the tasks they must
  • Replace the tracking sheet with a fully digital system
  • Consult plans, electronic models (3D) and other relevant documents
  • Record notifications, EC, non-compliances
  • Edit documents
  • Gather information for process improvement
  • Prepare shipping
  • Track the pallets
  • Manage stocks’ movements (pallets)
  • Optimize the movements of stocks and forklifts

Your customers and your competitors will be impressed!

Get a better control over your production through a real-time knowledge of what is happening. Reduce delays and increase your productivity.

All our mobile applications can be integrated with your ERP.

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