Our Team, Our Expertise

Our experts come from the key industrial sectors we work with and put their technological know-how at your service.

A personalized approach to your technological solutions.

Our team distinguishes itself by a cutting-edge technological expertise. We are constantly listening to our customers and monitoring the latest technological trends.

Our team relies on specialists in the manufacturing, medical and computer industries.

Our expertise is at the service of our customers.

A personalized approach

Our company’s success is built on our customers’ trust. To deserve this trust, we take the time to understand your business so that we can provide solutions best suited to your needs.

Our technology is at the service of your business. Our team will always listen closely to serve you better.

A team of experts

Witlaken gathers a multi-disciplinary team made of specialists from the manufacturing and medical sectors in each of our departments. Their internationally recognized expertise is used for the benefit of our customers.

For many years, our industrial branch has been developing a PLM-oriented production management infrastructure, whose qualities have consistently been reinforced. We have developed an outstanding know-how in the aerospace and defense sectors, but also in niche sectors such as machine shops, assembly lines and the metal sheet industry.

Our dental branch is at the cutting edge of technology with its dental prosthetics production centers, the largest in Canada. The technologies that are developed in these centers allow us to increase our manufacturing capabilities, and let all our customers benefit from them.

Our expertise to your service

You have chosen us as your partner and we thank you. We are putting our whole expertise in the service of your industrial needs.

Our experts will accompany you to choose the best technologies to meet your needs.

The customer first and foremost.