Notixia ERP-PLM Metal Sheet Solution

A solution tailored to the specific challenges of the metal sheet industry, and a precise management of your production and inventory to remain competitive.

Optimize the management of your resources.

The metal sheet industry has unique characteristics that require specific attention.

A good understanding of this industry is required to succeed in the deployment of an ERP system that is fully capable of meeting metal sheet needs.

Some metal sheet companies are specialised in the made-to-order production of large structure, Others are more focused on a continuous, high volume production that requires a tight control of the delivery schedules.

All these companies face the same challenge that includes a competitive bidding process and a tight management of profit margins.

Notixia ERP-PLM provides a solution that includes:
  • An integrated calculation of the needs in material during the bidding process
  • Accurate management of scraps of material
  • Analysis of the production costs for a quick assessment of the cost price
  • Integrated documentation management (drawings of parts can easily be found directly on the orders )
  • A dynamic scheduler to optimize the use of the factory equipments
  • Employees time management
Notixia ERP-PLM contains an efficient stock management module that includes all the tools necessary to manage their movements (inventory, pallets, work orders) within the factory:
  • Pallets management
  • Optimized tracking management and movements of the forklifts
  • Orders shipment preparation