Notixia ERP-PLM General Manufacturing Solution

Notixia ERP-PLM is a simple and effective solution, ideal for any manufacturing company that wishes to increase its productivity.

A large number of features to manage your company.

Here is the list of the features provided by Notixia ERP-PLM.

Bid Management

Whether for a factory shop, an assembly line, a company operating in metal sheet or any other activities requiring frequent bids to be submitted, this module will allow you to save time and money.

  • Enables quick calculations to obtain a realistic price while maintaining adequate profit margins
  • Allows you to re-use operations and standard operational groups, to assemble them like you would do with Lego™ blocks and to obtain a new bid through a few clicks
  • Allows you to convert the winning items of a bid into a client order in a short moment
  • Provides a management of bid lifecycles and reviews to properly manage the bidding history
  • Several KPIs enable you to know the profit gain/loss on the bids
  • Management of reviews
  • Quick build-up for a big (standard operations and processes)
  • Simplified conversion of successful bids into customer order
  • Management of bid lifecycles
  • Semi-automated mechanism for the costs of required material
Customer Order

The customer order module allows you to control the terms and conditions of sale for your products and services.

  • Management of reviews
  • Designed to facilitate the re-use and quick creation of new orders
  • Increased visibility over all the relevant information (inventory, bids, invoices, work orders, costs)
  • Programs and portfolio management (*)
Web Portal

Today’s society is evolving quickly. Giving access to your company’s data is critical in a world that no longer stops.

The portal gives your customers, suppliers and employees access to the relevant information they need when they need it.

  • Follow-up of orders
  • Consultation of documentation management
  • Shipping
  • Statements of account
  • The web portal can be tailored to match the strategy of your company

The accounting module of Notixia ERP-PLM is fully integrated. This integration allows you to get the maximum out of your data and to increase your efficiency.

We provide integration with several accounting softwares.

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • General Ledger
  • Standard operations
  • Statements of accounts
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Multi-currencies
  • Actual cost analysis

Procurement is one of the most important tasks for an industrial company. To ensure operations perform correctly, the buyer first needs to be aware of the needs of all the departments in terms of products and services. Then, he needs to master the evolution of the inventory available in the warehouses. Thanks to this information, he can start the search for suppliers and negotiate the best prices for the company within the time prescribed.

Notixia ERP-PLM allows you to carry out optimal procurement in terms of delay, cost and quantity.

Whether you are an OEM, a TIER 1 or 2, Notixia ERP-PLM adapts to your needs.

We offer a simple, efficient and quick procurement solution.

  • A procurement method appropriate for "Build-to-Order"
  • A procurement method based on sales forecasts’ analysis (MRP) when the company wishes it
  • A well organized RFQ management
  • Quick creation of new purchase orders
  • A control of reviews and historical updates for an improved traceability
  • Management of requirements to optimize purchasing (economical quantities, selection of suppliers, timeframes)
  • A large number of analysis reports
  • KPIs and dashboards enabling you to evaluate several performance parameters such as delivery schedules and price reduction
  • Easy management of suppliers’ certifications

Ship quickly, at the right time, without errors and at the lowest cost.

An efficient shipping management is critical to the success of your company. Shipping contributes to cash flow as this step generally comes with the billing process. The shipping system must be efficient: ship at the right time, without errors and at the lowest cost.

Notixia ERP-PLM provides such a solution:
  • Quick shipping
  • JIT delivery
  • Reduces errors
  • Management of remaining quantities
  • Reviews and lifecycles
  • Semi-automated conversion of sale orders into shipping orders
  • Shipping orders automatically generated
  • Creation of international shipping documents (NAFTA…)
  • Recording of carrier’s tracking numbers
  • Access to shipping status via web portal
  • Shipping of pallets
  • Reports and KPI

The receiving module enables the efficient management of the receipt of goods. It is the last step in the procurement process.

It is also a key step in the quality control process. Indeed, it is at this moment that the inspection crew must check the products’ compliance before they are made available to the company.

  • Recording of required information such as locations, expiry dates, certifications, additional identifications
  • Inspection control for identified inventory items
  • Receiving process with rules that you can customize
  • Creation of non-conformities
  • Recordings of documents received with the delivery
  • Complete or partial receipt of purchased goods
  • Receipt by batch, by dimensions
  • Management of remaining quantities to receive
  • Several analysis reports and KPI allowing you to control the performance of the receiving process

You want a well-tailored and complete production management software that allows you to prevent waste of time, increase your profit margin, your efficiency and the quality of your products?

Several ERP softwares provide production management but none offers a well integrated process.

For the manufacturing industry, money is made on the factory floor. For this reason, a strict control in real-time of what is important (time, progress, …) for production is vital to ensure the success of your manufacturing activity.

We offer a solution that perfectly integrates the planification of production with the execution of the work (MES) thanks to our real time dynamic scheduler.

You will thus be able to:
  • Optimize the use of your equipment to the maximum
  • Adjust your production schedule nearly automatically depending on the events
  • Remove tasks with no added value
  • Reduce the waste of time
  • Get increased visibility on the work progress, from raw material consumption to hours spent
  • Meet the highest quality standards
  • Quickly supply your customers with the status of their order being produced
  • Work orders editor
  • Real time dynamic scheduler
  • Ergonomic operator interface to capture the work development in terms of hours and progress
  • MES mobile applications designed for the operator that give access to tasks to perform, drawings and other relevant documents
  • Production planning module allowing the control of the floor implementation and giving visibility in real time
  • Actual cost analysis
  • Capability analysis
  • Evaluation of ongoing work
  • Several reports and KPI to enable production analysis
  • And several other critical features
Time Management

Time management is critical for the payroll and the analysis of actual costs of orders.

When the workforce is a significant part of your organization costs, knowing how it is used allows you to separate costly operations from profitable operations.

Notixia PLMERP offers an integrated solution enabling detailed time management. We can help you identify how this time is spent and improve costs control on your orders so as to increase your company’s profitability.

This module enables you to:
  • allocate time spent to work orders
  • get real time access to time spent on orders
  • know who, when and why that time was spent
  • identify costly operations
  • generate cost analysis reports and KPI
  • Punch clock
  • Time sheets
  • Time acquisition through mobile application
  • Several analysis reports

Reduce the costs of your inventory management and improve its traceability

A tight control of your inventory is certainly one of the most critical tasks to increase the productivity of your factory. To know exactly how parts and consumables are being used often creates the difference between profitable and non-profitable operations.

Notixia ERP-PLM offers an efficient inventory management solution including everything you need to improve your operations and reduce their costs.

Our inventory management module has been designed to facilitate the implementation of the LEAN management principles:
  • Capability to create independent warehouses with their own tracking management
  • Compatible with a Kaban inventory management
  • Efficient management of batch numbers and related documents (certifications)
  • Serial numbers management
Also includes features such as:
  • Inventory mobile applications (addition, correction, allocation to production orders)
  • Customers/suppliers inventory in deposit
  • Transfer management (multi warehouses, companies)
  • Management of batches (number, expiry date, certifications)
  • Management of scraps of material (lengths, sheets, and others)
  • Transactions management and history of consumption and acquisition
  • Detailed tracking management (inventory items, batches and scraps)
  • "Where used" feature
  • Multidimensional analysis of costs (FIFO, real, average)
  • Price allocation
  • Determination of certified suppliers
  • Automated identification of expired batches
Stock Movement

The management of pallets can become a headache for some manufacturing companies. Where are the customers’ orders? How to bring work orders to the next work stations?

Notixia ERP-PLM offers a unique solution when the management of pallets becomes a major issue for your operations.

  • Electronic identification of pallets
  • Pallets content management in terms of batches and weights
  • Quick tracking of the pallets inside the factory
  • Management of the movements of the forklifts so as to optimize their itinerary
  • Pallets shipping management
  • Mobile applications
Quality Management (QMS)

The quality management module (QMS) of Notixia ERP-PLM helps manufacturing companies to efficiently control the highest quality standards.

Quality management is probably one of the most critical aspects of an industrial production. It must be carefully managed at all times. When audits become a burden, when parts seem to no longer meet the specifications or when you wish to get a better traceability and visibility on your parts, Notixia ERP-PLM is here to help you.

Notixia ERP-PLM allows you to quickly and easily manage the quality of the whole company. It is a powerful collaboration tool for all contributors involved in quality. Our solution easily meets the highest quality standards (AS, Médicals).

  • Non-conformities management: customers, suppliers and internal
  • Management of quality actions (corrective, preventive, …)
  • Preparation of RMAs, RNC, VRNC
  • Identification of batches of faulty parts and quarantine
  • Integration of the quality system into all modules
  • Increased visibility
  • Inspection control when inventory is received
  • Integrated documentation management
  • Suppliers’ certifications management
  • Compliance certifications management (inventory)
  • Batches and serial numbers management
  • "Where used" documentation feature
  • Roles management
  • Suppliers’ audits management
  • Several analysis reports and KPI (rejection rates, …)
Modular Business Processes (Lifecycle Management)

Notixia ERP-PLM is the business management tool that adapts to your business practices.

Your company is unique, it belongs to you. Your good practices are the reason you are successful. Therefore, you do not wish to replace your winning recipe with practices that would not differentiate you from others.

The majority of ERP softwares offer only a pre-defined process with which you have to comply. Unlike these, Notixia ERP-PLM contains a business process (lifecycles) editor that allows you to adapt its way of working to your best practices.

Integrated to all the Notixia ERP-PLM modules.

  • Graphical business process editor
  • A large number of pre-defined rules that can be assembled with one another
  • Pre-defined business processes that will be tailored to the needs of your company; you do it or we do it, as you prefer
Access Rights

Access rights management

Notixia ERP-PLM contains an advanced management feature for access rights to data and applications.

  • Access rights management by roles or by users
  • Access control for data
  • Access control for applications
Dashboards and Performance Indicators (KPI)

A simple and user-friendly tool to help you make the right decisions

In today’s ultra-competitive world, companies must constantly adapt to maintain the best operational performance.

Notixia ERP-PLM contains a business intelligence tool that allows you to analyze and identify profitable versus non-profitable operations. Dashboards and reports generated on demand or automated to be sent to the relevant people will help you to make the right business decisions for the company.

  • User-friendly reports editor
  • Several pre-configured dashboards and KPI
  • Dashboards that can be tailored to your needs
  • Varied points of view (gauges and histograms)
  • Reports and data exports
Business Intelligence, Reports and Data Exports

Reports and data exports to Microsoft Excel ™ for your analyses.

Notixia ERP PLM is integrated to the majority of spreadsheet programs.

When you need to perform specific analyses, a simple cut/paste allows you to extract your data and include them in your Microsoft Excel ™ spreadsheet.

Several analysis reports are already provided in the standard version of Notixia ERP-PLM.

We also have CUBES of auto-synchronized data that compile the system data to facilitate the use of external analysis tools.

  • Cube generator for BI processing (inventory, order)
  • User-friendly reports editor
  • A large number of reports in pdf or Microsoft Excel ™ format
Web Integration

Notixia ERP PLM can automatically send emails and notifications via Internet.

PLM Solutions

Accelerate your development of new products. Improve the collaboration of your teams.

The creation process for industrial products is a complex task, especially when several teams have to collaborate with one another. A PLM software facilitates this collaboration with a centralized infrastructure that gathers all the information necessary to development projects. Thanks to such a system, you increase your productivity by reducing the time for production launch of your new products.

This solution that is perfectly integrated to Notixia ERP-PLM.

The Notixia ERP-PLM PLM module enables you to:
  • Manage the reviews of parts, assemblies and processes
  • Manage the configuration of your products
  • Maintain a history of modifications
  • Control the data access rights
  • Determine the required inventory items and suppliers
  • Organize the technical documentation and 3D models thanks to an integrated documentation management
  • Facilitate the collaboration between departments at all stages of product development
  • Manage the engineering modifications and synchronize the multi-BoMs
  • Visualize the 3D models in assembly and processes settings thanks to our integrated 3D visualization
  • Products structures management (BoM)
  • catalog of standard parts
  • catalog of standard processes
  • Documentation management
  • Configuration of parts and processes
  • Review of parts and processes
  • Management of means of production
  • Advanced assembly line editor (Pert, trees, Gantt)
  • Management of constraints between operations
  • Multi-level operations (no limit)
  • Integration with several CAD and PDM softwares (Catia V5TM, SolidWorksTM, WindShillTM)
  • Costs and estimates analysis
  • Time analysis
  • Reports (tracking sheets)
  • Inspection and operational ratings
  • Graphical lifecycles editor