Notixia ERP-PLM Assembly Shop Solution

We design complete solutions based on the highest innovative techniques available on the market to meet the specific needs of the assembly industry.

Design your products with processes in mind.

Industrial production has greatly benefited from the invention of the assembly lines, early in the 20th century. Since that time, industrial assembly has greatly evolved to take several forms that allow for a great variety of everyday products.

Unfortunately, there are few ERP solutions that truly possess modules that can meet the specific needs of assemblers. One can wonder why since assembly is so important in the industrial sector.

Unlike all these ERP, Notixia ERP-PLM contains functions to help assembly lines industries.

Notixia ERP-PLM will GATHER, MANAGER, SHARE and REUSE your technical data.

Notixia ERP-PLM thus offers a solution for industrial assembly containing:
  • An editor of manufacturing processes that allows you to create sequential or parallel operations, with sub-operations
  • A process editor that can establish priority constraints between operations and parts. These constraints allow the sequencing modules to establish the optimal implementation sequence according to the available resources within your factories
  • A PDM editor for BoM and multiBoM (sub-assembly) including configurations and efficiencies
  • Standard assemblies and processes used to design complex products, the way we would do with Lego™ blocks
  • Integrations with several off-the-shelf PDM and CAD software for engineering and methods that enable data imports into Notixia ERP-PLM (3D and metadata)
  • A synchronisation feature for eBoM and mBoM (xBoM) to facilitate team work. This module enables simultaneous engineering between production and engineering
  • The capacity to calculate production lifecycles
  • An integrated 3D viewer that enables you to visualize the status of the products within the context of intra-process manufacturing. No need for several licenses for your CAD software
  • As well as many other modules to meet your needs

Thanks to the Notixia ERP-PLM solution, you will be more successful and more agile than your competitors.

Notixia ERP-PLM enables you to manage an industrial assembly line production with a vision focused on processes, workstations or the assembly lines.

Here is the list of the features provided by Notixia ERP-PLM: