Manage the performance of your teams with the Synchro solution.

With SYNKRO, manage your goals and your performance!

(Management by Result GPR) and the use of a powerful and user-friendly SYNKRO tool to manage performance in order to:
  • Facilitate access to information and decision-making
  • Monitor targets, plans and corrective actions
  • Standardize reports, indicators and measures
  • Facilitate the conduct of performance reviews

A simple and efficient approach based on results requires a formalized improvement process aligned on goals, results and projects.

Friendly and perfectly tailored by our experts to your organizational context, SYNKRO promotes transparency and accountability:
  • It facilitates the sharing, communication, accessibility, management and standardization of information on performance targets and the monitoring of projects or improvement initiatives
  • Reduce the effort associated with the development and deployment of goals within the company
  • Reduce the time required for reports and updates performance measures
  • Improve performance by achieving business results
  • Facilitate monitoring and communication of company performance

With SYNKRO decisions are made easy. It brings you a reliable and optimal way to manage the performance of your teams.

Technical specifications:
  • Developed using Java open standards
  • Supports all major systems management databases (Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server or other.)
  • Minimum internet browse requirements: MS Internet Explorer 5.5 + and Mozilla Firefox 1.0
  • Can be installed on almost all major Java application servers (Apache Tomcat, IBM, Websphere Application Server, Sun One Java, JBoss or others)
  • Web application, no desktop application to install