Mobile Stock Movement Management

Our expertise in the digital management of the factory allows you to control your production at all times and improve your productivity.

The mobile solution for pallets and shipping management.

If your company uses pallets for inventory, production and shipping, this solution is designed for you.

Increase the productivity of your factory by increasing the smooth movement of your inventory.

Our inventory and shipping management solution allow you to:
  • Edit, create and manage pallets as well as their content,
  • Transfer materiel from pallets to pallets,
  • Spot and locate pallets and any items they contain
  • Inform forklifts’ operators of incoming or outgoing requests for pallets (This is an ideal solution to free space during production and prepare a production launch)
  • Print labels and shipping orders
  • Consult parts’ drawings, certificates and any other relevant documents
  • Take pictures and associate relevant data to them