Custom Solutions

Your business is unique. You need a solution that meet your requirements and perfectly adapt to your organization. See how Notixia ERP-PLM and our different modules can be assembled to create your dedicated management system.

A custom-made solution for your specific needs.


A custom-made solution for the digital integrated factory

3DRPD manufactures dental prosthetics in several production centers in Canada, the United States and Europe. To gather the whole of its industrial activities, a portal web has been designed to allow operators within production centers to exchange customer orders and production orders. Thanks to the Notixia ERP-PLM systems, an order can be placed in the US, prepared in Europe and manufactured in Canada.

For 3DRPD’s customers, a single access point. For 3DRPD, an optimized production.


“Our company owns production centers in several countries. We have customers on all continents.

Thanks to the online Notixia solution, we have simplified the order intake process and significantly increased the number of new customers.

Production management has truly become a breeze.”

Eric Fortin, c.d.t
Vice-président Production & IT


“Thanks to the scheduler, we have been able to optimize our productivity by getting a graphical and immediate representation of the workload for each operator and machine.

The data continuously entered in the system is translated into indicators and reports that allow us to constantly adjust our production.”

Jocelyne Lecours
Chargée de projets
Services de prototypages

Valcartier Military Base (Canada’s Department of National Defense)

The Valcartier military base contains an advanced Research and Development center that provides material to soldiers. Its production center must carry out a large number of projects within tight deadlines. Given the nature of the military base operations, a large number of changes are constantly performed to respond to changing priorities.

Thanks to Notixia’s advanced dynamic scheduler, the center is able to quickly adapt to frequent priority changes.


Dental production center

CAMCube is center of production for dental prosthetics. The CAMCube customer base requires a production that runs 24 hours a day. An incoming order must be out of the factory within the next 24 hours. To optimize the reception and production management, a web application has been designed over the Notixia ERP-PLM infrastructure.

CAMCube has been able to increase its productivity and reduce the manufacturing timeframe.


A specialized solution for on-line bid management

Proden manufactures custom-made cutting plans for the packaging industry. Proden must be able to provide a bid in a few seconds when a customer asks for it. A web management system for bid generation has been developed, allowing Proden customers to obtain a personalized bid through a few clicks and automatically launch the production once the order has been accepted.

Thanks to this technology, Proden has been able to simplify its bid/order/production process and increase its profit margin.


“Our collaboration with ‘Notixia-Witlaken’ is based on professionalism, dedication and honesty. We called on the ‘Notixia-Witlaken’ team at an important and critical moment for our organization, when we decided to replace our MRP system with an integrated ERP system, and they did more than rise to the challenge.”

Pierre Audet

Dental Wings CAD and Lab Management

Dental Wings CAD

The Notixia ERP-PLM ECIP infrastructure is used as a basis for the development of Dental Wings’ dental CAD software. Thanks to this infrastructure, Dental Wings has been able to surprise the competition and sell a technology superior to theirs.

Dental Wings Lab. Management

Thanks to the success of the dental CAD development, Dental Wings is developing a dental lab management solution based on the Notixia ERP-PLM infrastructure.